Who we work for

SAFOPS aims its services at parties who work in the field of public security. SAFOPS only focuses on government authorities, publishers and generally speaking parties which hold a professional position in this field. That is why our clients can also be found in the trade and industry added to this that their right to exist is again professional. Although our services are difficult to standardise a short survey of our service portfolio can be stated as follows:

Government authorities:

Public security is an interaction of policy making and enforcement. These tasks are allocated to the Ministry of Defence and to the Ministry of Interior affairs. SAFOPS aims it’s services at both the strategic/tactical as well as the operational level. In fact all government organisations - be it policy making or policy enforcement - are in scope to be served by SAFOPS.

Regarding policy making affairs – the strategic level – SAFOPS offers its services in order to support processes like: defining policy objectives, policy planning,  policy priorities, policy evaluation and decision-making.    

Regarding the policy enforcement affairs – the operational level – SAFOPS offers its services to support processes like: the support of preparations for military or police operations e.g. intervention missions, infiltration missions, counter in surgery missions.

Publishers / Media industry

SAFOPS provides information to publishers with an professional and outstanding reputation in the field of small arms or related fields. The information can be provided as articles and/or (technical) information as contributions for publications. SAFOPS also offers data collecting services to publishers as input for their own authors, journalists or reporters. 

Trade and Industry

The defence industry covers a rich mixture of different branches of industry. Trade and industry - in particular the defence related industry - is an important partner for governments especially when it comes to policy enforcement. Government authorities in charge of this enforcement require state of the art products to counteract the execution of (possible) terrorist attacks. There is a close interaction between government and industry. In order to cope with the evolving terrorist threats new product development is important. SAFOPS offers its information to facilitate this interactive process to support new product developments and/or product improvement developments.


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