Product & Services

1) research services:

SAFOPS preserves the main principle to offer sound information services only. That is why all services of SAFOPS are generally based on (extensive) research. Research is a product in itself. The research activities can be initiated by our own problem portfolio or by requests from clients. In line with our client groups our research services cover strategic and operational research. Basically the research cycle of SAFOPS can be stated as follows: problem identification, defining research methodology, data collection, data interpretation, information segmentation, analysis and conclusions / advisory and finally reporting.

2) publication services:

Publications services are primarily meant for publishing-firms and also for internet media companies. The publication services are offered in two categories namely:

complete or ready for use publications;

the providence of conceptual information as a contribution for other
       publications or documentaries.

In case of conceptual information the client is allowed to edit the information for own purposes for example publications or documentaries. The publication services can be offered by client requests or on our own initiative. Publications on our own initiative are always related to our own research portfolio. When SAFOPS consultants have reached an important milestone in the progress of one the projects this information can be offered to the market. An other possibility is the providence of publications on a regular base. In that case SAFOPS asked for an agreement on a publication agenda since publications always ask research time.

3) consulting services:

The consulting services cover both strategic as well as operational subject matters. The type of consulting service depends on the type of organisation and core activities. SAFOPS works with a model to structure and to understand the position of its consulting services. To give the reader an impression about the consulting services the following can be summarized:

-          region analyses (context information);

-          analyses into small arms weapon (system) capabilities;

-          deployment studies of small arms (systems);

-          diffusion studies of small arms;

-          innovation studies for new product development;

This is only a short presentation. In the field of new product development and innovation for the defence industry SAFOPS offers a wide range of consulting services like: market research, market segmentation, product positioning, end user test, deployment studies, demand life cycle studies and technical life cycle studies.

4) educational services:

Thanks to our international network of experts, our research and our own technical research department SAFOPS is able to offer specific education mentioned here again that SAFOPS is able to offer these services for strategic subject matters and operational subject matters. Our educational services can be lecturers on strategic issues e.g. illegal fire arms trading but also operational issue e.g. technical information related to the deployment capabilities of small arms.


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