Business Principles

In general SAFOPS adheres to the following business principles:

SAFOPS does not take in political standpoints nor does it participates in these discussions. SAFOPS always acts with the mindset to comply with its mission statement. Furthermore SAFOPS respects the viewpoint of the United Nations regarding terrorism;

SAFOPS doesn’t accept any responsibility if any kind of interpretation takes place by other parties through our information services and these interpretations do not comply with our mission statement. SAFOPS stresses that it will always offers its services by respecting its own mission statement;

SAFOPS holds the view that public security is an international respected problem therefore SAFOPS sees no objections to collect relevant information when possible directly from every country regardless the political situation as long as the international public security is respected;

SAFOPS recognises the difference between illegal and legal small arms production and trade. Legal small arms manufactures respected by their governments are parties SAFOPS accepts as possible clients;

SAFOPS is not an anti small arms lobby institute nor does SAFOPS represents any position in such discussions with the exception of our mission statement. SAFOPS is convinced that small arms itself are part of counter measures programmes. SAFOPS will not go into inquiries related to anti small arms lobby institutes in order to defend their interests;

Al inquiries SAFOPS receives will be dealt with the utmost secrecy. No information will be interchanged accepts when the parties involved have explicitly agreed upon that;

Since SAFOPS offers sensitive information through the consulting services it is necessary that every request has been approved through our request approval procedure.


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