About us

SAFOPS always takes a broad relevant context into account during research, publications and the consulting services. SAFOPS is part of a network and is able to gather its information from several experts concerning several related fields. There is also the ability to collect technical information directly from our own technical research department. This is what enables SAFOPS to provide information on small arms to determine the tactical impact or even the strategic impact of certain operational facts for example related to their deployment possibilities or the counter measures. In short the origination of SAFOPS lies in the ability to offer qualitative information services by sound research.

Mission Statement SAFOPS

Providing information services and conducting risks assessments
in the field of small arms deployment to give insight to professional parties and improve public security is our business.

The SAFOPS network

SAFOPS is working in a network of experts all with different academic backgrounds or professional experience. Expertises range from engineering, economics and geopolitics.

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